The SIEE-POLLUTEC Exhibition brings together in Algiers more than 200 exhibitors, decision-makers and precribers from the water and environmental sectors, who come to learn, exchange and discover the newest innovations and technologies in this field. The latest edition which attracted over 7.000 visitors, proved to be the preferred place for business meetings.

If you are involved in one of these fields of activity, SIEE-POLLUTEC is the right exhibition for you


Water equipment, supplies and products
Analysis – Measurement – Control
Water and waste water treatment
Water supply
Services, engineering, research and consultancy
Trade and economics

Risks and risk management
Equipement, supplies and products

Polluted sites and soils
Equipement, supplies and products

Health, Safety and Environment
Waste recovery and recycling 
Sites and soils
Greenhouse gas control
Energy and renewable energy control
Health and environment
Hygiene-safety / industrial risks 
Environmental management