SIEE 10th Pollutec Algeria

International exhibition of equipment, technologies and water services

24> March 27, 2014 – Conventions Centre of Oran

6886 visitors go to Oran!

Organized for the first time in the wake of World Water Day, 24 to 27

March 2014, ALGERIA SIEE Pollutec, the international exhibition of equipment, technologies and services for water, found in its tenth edition the city of Oran, the second largest city and largest economic hub. Launched in 2005 at the initiative of the Ministry of Water Resources, which wanted to launch a trade show in Algeria to this priority area, the event has quickly established itself as an unmissable annual for players in the profession.

6886 visitors, mainly from private companies – construction, production, installation (water works), industries, education consulting-engineering, administration and national companies *, came to meet the 258 exhibitors present, including 55% of domestic companies and 45% of international companies from 16 countries.


Testimonies collected by exhibitors at the show and the first results of investigations are particular highlights the high quality of visitors. This tenth edition was indeed marked by the strong mobilization of central and regional administrations of water, illustrated by the presence of the Departments of Water Resources of West Wilayas Eastern countries and the Centre. the public sector was also represented through stands of agencies under the Ministry of Water Resources (Water agencies, National Agency for Dams and Transfers, National Agency for Water Resources, Algerian Water, School Resources management in water, National Institute of Development of Infrastructure, National Sanitation Office, National Board of Irrigation and Drainage), state companies responsible for the implementation of major hydraulic works (holding SGP-ERGHTY) and companies responsible for the management of water and sanitation for the cities of Algiers, Constantine and Oran (SEAAL, SEACO and SEOR).

Other Highlights highlights: strong decision-making power of visitors from private companies, the vast majority in executive functions, and the international influence of the exhibition as evidenced by the diversity of origins of the visitors circulating in the aisles (23 countries represented outside Algeria. – a large majority countries)


SIEE Pollutec cleared four days a business climate as reflecting the dynamism of the water sector that the quality and variety of products, equipment and services presented on the stands.

Mobilizing a total area of 12,000 m² exhibition, the show offer consisted of a share of 142 public and private Algerian companies, large companies and SMEs, the main distributors of the sector, foreign companies under Algerian law, and local manufacturers, the other of 116 international companies from 16 countries, manufacturers and service providers ”


“April 2014”

Worldwide, including world leaders, who were exposed to individual stands, on

National pavilions – Spain with ICEX – Trade Institute Spanish Exterior – France with Ubifrance, Italy with ICE – Italian Agency for Foreign Trade – Netherlands with NABC – Netherlands African Business Council – and China – and finally joint venture with their Algerian partners. note the presence this year of Turkey with 6 companies out of 100 m² of exhibition.

This comparison of national and international players in the sector facilitates international trade exhibitors and also explains the record level of satisfaction. Thus, the survey of exhibitors of the French flag indicates that 100% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of contacts made at the show and 70% of them plan to participate in the next show.


Held at the heart of the exhibition, a seminar developed and facilitated by the Ministry of Water Resources has information on the policies, achievements and major projects completed, the acquired expertise, services in place for citizens, and the expression of remaining needs.

For three days, under the Ministry agencies – ADE, ABH, ANBT, INPE, ANO ONID – national companies – Hydro-improvement, Hydro Canal Hydro Project East – and industry leaders – Amenhyd, SEAAL, SEACO and SEOR – or IHE Institute / UNESCO (Netherlands), took turns on themes as varied as the modernization of the water sector, improved public management and water distribution services the reuse of treated wastewater, integrated resource management, the choice of materials for pipes, etc. **


A highlight of the show, the official opening, Monday, March 24, reflected the magnitude of the event and the stakes through the presence of a large delegation of the Ministry of Water Resources, partner of event, and many foreign personalities.

Hocine NECIB, Minister of Water Resources, visited many stalls and stressed the importance of such an event that SIEE Pollutec for the country, a showcase of the achievements and innovations of the sector at international level, providing support to projects and running achievements.

In parallel, the dynamism and importance of the bilateral cooperation between Algeria and its economic partners was the presence of the Netherlands – Frans Bijvoet, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Algeria, Spain – Alejandro Polanco, Ambassador Spain in Algeria, Carlos Bárcena, Consul General of Spain in Oran Fernando Lanzas, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Spain in Algiers, and representatives of the Embassies of Italy and France, and the visit to the show a representative of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria – Chris Frean, Director of trade and investment section.

More information on: Next exhibition: Q1 2015

* Detailed analysis of visitors coming soon

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