For its twelfth edition, SIEE Pollutec, which closed its doors on February 4, made his comeback in Algiers. He was welcomed by the inauguration of Mr. Abdelwahab Nouri, Minister of Water Resources and the Environment together with the Directors of the Water Resources and Environment Directors.
The show also hosted seven other Ministers, Mr. Abderrahmane Benkhelfa, Finance Minister, Mrs. Houda Feraoun Iman, Minister of Post and Information Technology and Communication, Mr. Salah Khebri, Minister of Energy, M Azzedine Mihoubi, Minister of Culture, Mr. El Hadi Ould Ali, Minister of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Aicha Tagabou, Minister delegate to the Minister of land, tourism and Handicrafts, in charge of the craft and Mr. Boudjema Talai, Minister of Transport, and Mr. Abdelkader Zough, Wali of the Wilaya of Algiers and Mr. Abdelmajid Sidi Said, Secretary General of the General Union of Algerian workers.
The visitors praised the return to the capital of Algeria, coming in number, discover technical innovations and know-how of more than 250 exhibitors. THE annual event has thus echoed the Algerian market dynamism of water equipment and services and the environment as well as mobilizing its stakeholders.

The offer presented by SIEE Pollutec was rich, diversified and international, exposing a wide range of technologies adapted to the problems of water stress in the country: suppliers and distributors of equipment and service providers in the areas of water treatment and sewage, distribution of water, treatment of industrial pollution, analysis, measurement, control …
Note that the Algerian sector of water resources continues to attract international offer, existing or renewed, exposing with 17 countries represented at the show, some of the return as India, Tunisia and Denmark. In total, 42% of the participating companies were foreign. Ambassadors of countries represented are in fact came to observe the actions of foreign companies in Algeria, as its
Excellency the Italian Ambassador, Mrs Michele Giacomelli and his Excellency the Ambassador of France, Mr. Bernard Emie.

In response to the needs of the national market, in particular with the deployment of a carrier waste management industry many business opportunities, the show this year expanded its offering in the environmental sector. Environmental Trust agencies were naturally present within the Ministerial Pavilion (CNL, the CNFE the CNDRB the ONEDD, NACC, the DNA and the CNTPP) and a thirty exhibitors, including industry leader. There were also among the participants some references Algerian law as Bergerat Monnoyeur, Saldea, Netcom and Greensky but also foreign companies and experts of the treatment and analysis of French atmospheric pollution ARIA Technologies and Environment SA and German Endegs Degassing Mobile Devices the Tunisian company NIELSEN, 2014 winner of PASRI Price euro-Mediterranean innovation for their five universal press one, or Faun-Environment, Eldan recycling and Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik about the collection and recycling of waste.
The environmental companies showed themselves active and mobilized the conference program by hosting a day on the topic of waste management (interventions of the National Waste Agency, Caterpillar, Girus …), and discerning a dynamic sector, contributing to economic diversification and generating wealth.

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