Water: A priority sector 

The 2015-2019 five-year plan, plans to spend a total of about 262.5 billion USD in developing new basic infrastructure and completion of ongoing projects.
18 billion USD (1,500 billion DZD) will be devoted solely to the water sector and sanitation.

The projects

2.440 km of pipes laid and 1.680 km of water distribution network renovated 26 dams built. 4 transfers and nearly 700 boring operations
17 water treatment stations, 103 pumping stations and 136 reservoirs built An estimated twenty-nine 180,000 ha irrigation
systems and 180 hillside storage reservoirs to be built
1.250 km of drainage system, and 60 purification stations and lagoons created. 300 km of wadi bed developed and 250 settlements protected against floods

Sources: Ministry for Environment and Water Resources


Organizations reporting to the Ministry of Water Resources:

Joint stock, public companies, incorporated under Algerian law, responsible for Water and Sewerage service for the country’s main cities:

  • Algiers: SEAAL
  • Oran: SEOR
  • Constantine: SEACO
  • Stock companies shareholders : ADE, Algerian Water Authority and ONA, National Sanitation Office

Algerian manufacturers, distributors and service providers (non exhaustive):

Amenhyd / Alcahyd, APP, Codim, CPH, CPI ENH DOUDAH, ETRHB Groupe Haddad, Génie Hydraulique, Groupe Amry (Tubex/ITP), Groupe COSIDER, Groupe Kherbouche, Groupe Soufi, KOU.G.C., Maghreb Pipe, Maprogaz, Maroua Impex, Poval, Tahraoui, World’Lab, …

Foreign companies incorporated under Algerian law (non exhaustive):

ABB, ADG, AFITEX, Amitech, Atlas Copco, Azudal, Bimex, Biwater, Dessau, Hydrokarst, KSB, Lafarge, Peme Gourdin, Rovatti (EPRA), Safege, Schneider Electric, Sensus Metering System, Siemens, Wilo, …


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